Business in a Box

Here is a list of low cost home business ideas that could produce fast cash. As you look at these business opportunities, keep an open mind for other business ideas along the way.

Also, keep these following guidelines in mind in this exciting journey:

1. You must enjoy the business – if you don’t your chances of success will be greatly reduced.

2. To leverage on fast cash, get your customers to pay you a retainer fee at the beginning – you will have a cash income before you start the actual work.

3. Work on getting repeat businesses and loyal customers – your income will grow steadier and more reliable in the process.

Here are 7 suggestions to start a small business with limited or no capital:

1. Home based computer bureau

There are hundreds of business computer programs available such as wages, record files and accounts. Buy and use these programs to provide a computer service to local businesses.

2. Computerised dating service

Operate this service like a traditional dating service, but hold all your records on a computer and use the computer to aid your search for compatible partners. Have leaflets or brochures about your service printed and place them at shops in your area.

3. Sleep Consultancy

Large numbers of people have difficulty in sleeping at night. This is not usually a medical problem, but can be corrected by using a suitable method or attitude of mind. Provide people in your area with confidential advice about how to sleep soundly.

4. Enterprise which rents computers to private and business users

The computers you rent out might be new and second-hand. Also rent out peripherals such as printers, stands and feeders. Use local media to inform people about your hire service.

5. Boot Camp for Hobbyists

This enterprise organises educational holidays and weekend breaks for computing enthusiasts who want to further their programming skills. The courses might be held at a bed and breakfast house. Advertise your holidays and breaks in computing magazines.

6. Small-scale Lodging Business

If you have a spare room, take in a lodger, or start a small scale bed and breakfast business. If you choose the latter, either place a sign outside your house which reads ‘Bed and Breakfast’, ‘Vacancies’, or advertise in the window of a main newsagent.

7. Decorations for wine bottles

Each decoration is slipped over the neck of a bottle. These decorations are either wood carved or metal engraved with the name of a restaurant or family. Or make floral decorations: the scent of the flowers complementing the bouquet of the wine.