Home Business Recruiting: How To Get That “Stud” In Your Organization

It happens to every one of us who prospects in network marketing. We find that one person who has “Stud” written all over him (or her).

We see someone who is fearless. We see someone who is charismatic. Or they have tremendous influence with the people around them.

And we think, “If I bring that person into my organization everything will be different. My business will be explode (or be saved).”

Well, that person may be fantastic for your business. Or they may be fantastic for the business of someone else.

But that line of thinking – that any on person might be the salvation of your network marketing organization – is a guaranteed way to destroy your business.

Start with the obvious…home business groups never live or die on the fate of one representative. A lot of people contribute volume. Even if your “stud” introduced them to the business, the individual people are still making choices about whether or not to place their monthly orders. There are simply too many people for one individual to influence.

There’s a culture in every home business group, and it starts with YOU. Everyone who is in your downline…they also have their own culture: the people they influence, the policies they follow, the example they set.

Your “stud” can set that example. But if he or she is truly that strong, they aren’t going to waste time or energy telling a whole bunch of individual people what to do. They’re going to build their own group.

But the truth of it goes deeper than that.

To get that one strong person into your group, you have to attract them. That is, you have to be an attractive individual yourself to entice that person to sign with you.

Imagine approaching this one strong person with the energy of desperation… of wanting them so badly that it feels like your whole career depends on it.

How inviting is that energy to someone who is already strong?

Even if they are never approached by anyone else in network marketing (a silly thought…everyone is approached all the time), we all read the emotions of those around us. We understand them on a deeper level than the words we use. And we certainly a company, or a product or marketing plan through the lens of the person who is introducing it to us.

Someone who projects confidence, even if they haven’t hit the big numbers yet, projects that confidence outward. And someone who is already powerful and magnetic can’t help but be curious about that energy.

And the best part…whether you land that “stud” or not, you aren’t worried.

Because the confidence attracts lots of other people to you. Some will just be curious.

And some will recognize a real opportunity, projected through your power and conviction.

The best way to land that “stud?” Don’t worry about whether you land them or not.